Boat bassheads 242 vs Realme buds 2 – Which is better ?


Boat bassheads 242 vs Realme buds 2 comparison will be based on customer ratings, prices, additional features, and technical specifications. At the end, our aim will be to determine which product is the best.

These wired earbuds are known for their bass quality, audio quality and noise cancellation. Besides having a tangle-free wire, these earphones have magnetic earbuds as well.

Additional specification :

Model nameBoat bassheads 242 Realme buds 2
Bass Quality BestAverage
Audio QualityGoodAverage
Tangle free cableYes Yes
Water resistantYes
Noise cancellationYes
AI IntegrationAvailableAvailable
Colour themes74
Inline remote buttonsAvailableAvailable

Technical specification :-

Model nameBoat bassheads 242Realme buds 2
Product dimension ‎120 x 1 x 1 cm;
20 Grams
‎4.5 x 2.7 x 3.6 cm;
13 Grams
Warranty1 Year6 Month
Manufacturer ‎Imagine Marketing Pvt Ltdrealme
Driver size10 mm11.2 mm

Customer ratings and Price :-

boAt Bassheads 242

Realme buds 2

Conclusion :-

According to the price range the boAt bassheads 242 offers great features than the Realme buds 2 apart from the magnetic earbud attachment. But if you see the boAt comes with very fit design and will not pop out from your ears easily which is also a plus point and the Bass is realy good. So overall our pick will be boAt Bassheads 242.

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Realme does provide good features despite of few cons like magnetic bud attachments braided cable and good sound quality. But we think the in ear fit can be more better.

As compared to boAt realme does some average job but if you will go with boAt Bassheads than it will be well and good.

As compared to boAt Bassheads 242 realme buds 2 is not that comfortable because it might pop out easily if we do any hard movement and when we see boAt it is has a good in ear fit design.

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